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Keep Your New Pet Healthy From Day One.

Preventive health care and regular checkups are the foundation for your pet’s long, healthy life. While it’s true that routine vet exams, vaccines, and routine lab work are not cost-free, taking part in a good wellness plan helps you avoid costly treatments for issues that can be prevented or managed.

The Beginning

To get new pet owners and their pets off on the right foot, we invest extra time to help educate our clients. We discuss:

  • Preventive medicine: From dental care to parasite medications, you can be proactive and avoid some of the health issues your pets, young and old, may encounter.
  • Nutrition: Do cats need more protein than dogs? Are some breeds of dogs in need of special foods? Does diet affect dental health? We’ll address all of your pet’s nutritional needs.
  • Behavioral counseling and training: Behavior and wellness are not two separate concepts. They overlap. For dogs: A dog that responds well to commands is less apt to run away and get injured. Let us help you train your new member of the family. For cats: Some feline behaviors can be symptoms of health issues. We would be happy to help interpret your cat’s cues.
  • Vaccines: There is no more cost-effective preventive care than regular and complete vaccination. Please protect your pets!
  • Spaying and neutering: Spaying and neutering certainly reduces the number of homeless pets, but it also helps your pet (male or female) avoid health issues later in life.

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