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Helping your pet feel their best

When it comes to pain management, we have one simple motto: No pet should be in pain.

It may be a simple mantra, but it requires a dedicated system involving you and our staff. We need you to communicate with us and bring your pet in for an examination. You need us to diagnose the issue properly and provide your loved one with the medication and treatment he or she needs to feel well again.

Medication for Pain Management

We provide a convenient in-hospital pharmacy. When your pet needs a prescription, you don’t have to drive all around town to get it filled. It will be ready for you as you walk out the door.

Anti-inflammatories, either steroids or NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), are often the starting point for pain management. For moderate to severe cases, multiple medications may be needed. Regular blood tests may be necessary to ensure that your pet’s pain medications are not affecting his or her internal organs.

Rehabilitation Therapies for Pain Management

In addition to pain medications, long-term management through adjunctive medications, nutraceuticals, weight management, and rehabilitation therapy may be recommended.

Not all products are created equal. We can recommend specific products that best suit your pet’s needs. Please talk to one of our staff members before using an over-the-counter product. Unlike the Internet, we can promptly and accurately answer your questions and address your concerns.

Please remember: Most over-the-counter pain medications for human consumption are toxic and potentially fatal to dogs and cats. Never give your pet human pain medication without speaking to a staff member.

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