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Diagnosing Norwood’s Pets Accurately & Responsibly

Obviously, your pet can’t verbally communicate with you to tell you what’s wrong. So you rely on the accuracy and responsibility of your veterinary care providers. That’s why the vast majority of our veterinary diagnostic services are provided in-house by our staff.

We provide the full range of medical diagnostics:

  • Complete blood testing, including blood counts, chemistries, serology, and parasite testing
  • Laboratory services for cytology and histopathology (completed by board-certified pathologists)
  • Digital radiography services
  • Ultrasound (performed by board-certified veterinarians)
  • Cardiology and electrocardiography diagnostics
  • Endocrinology diagnostics

What Do These Diagnostic Tests Mean?

Blood work is a very important diagnostic tool that measures and evaluates the types and levels of cells and chemicals that circulate in the blood. The typical tests include blood chemistry, thyroid levels, and complete blood count.

Blood chemistries measure the levels of certain chemicals that are found in your pet’s blood serum. The levels give us important insight into the health of your pet’s internal organs.

A complete blood count (CBC) can be a useful screening test for underlying infection, anemia, and other illnesses, some of which may be present even if your pet shows no symptoms of disease.

Serology refers to tests that find antibodies in your pet’s system. The presence of antibodies to a particular disease indicates that your pet has been exposed and his or her immune system has reacted to the organism that causes that disease.

Cytology and histopathology refer to the microscopic level of diagnosis. We can’t know for sure if your pet’s lump or bump is cancerous or something less serious. For peace of mind, we take it to the next level with microscopic analysis of the samples. We use only board-certified pathologists, which means that only the most highly trained personnel is reviewing your pet’s  sample to determine the diagnosis.

Digital radiography allows X-rays to be kept as computer files that can be sent to other doctors and radiologists electronically for faster diagnoses. Digital X-rays are also a lot clearer to view and, therefore, more reliable than traditional X-rays.

Ultrasound is a noninvasive way to diagnose a variety of issues, from cardiac abnormalities to cancer screening and internal medicine issues, such as abdominal, gastrointestinal, or urinary tract diseases.

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