Our Services

Providing Comprehensive Pet Care, Including Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment

When you select a veterinary clinic, you base your decision largely on convenience and reputation. Since 1970, our clinic has made a name for itself as a comprehensive pet care hospital. Norwood Animal Hospital is equipped and ready to address all your pet’s primary veterinary needs.

Our services range from diagnostic to therapeutic, surgical to dental. Any treatment your pet needs can be addressed here, including preventive health care plans.

Our services include:

  • Anesthesia—We have an excellent safety record because we strive to offer comprehensive preoperative testing as well as the safest anesthetic protocols and monitoring to all of our surgical patients.
  • Radiology—X-ray equipment on-site acts as a strong diagnostic tool as well as a reliable method for ruling out diagnoses. Ultrasound consultations are performed at our facility by a mobile, board-certified ultrasound specialist.
  • Dental scaling, polishing, extractions, and oral surgery—We can clean your pet’s teeth and evaluate his or her oral and overall health at the same time. Sometimes dogs or cats need simple cleaning services, but other times extractions and oral surgery are required. We provide the comprehensive dental care your pet needs.
  • Electrocardiography—We provide ECG on-site with consultations from board-certified cardiologists.
  • Pharmacy—We stock everything from prescription medications and preventives to therapeutic shampoos and oral care products.
  • Counseling—We offer information and consultation for specific dietary needs and behavioral issues.
  • Flea control—We develop individualized programs based on the specific needs of your pet and your lifestyle. We will also review the best ways to control ticks and fleas in your environment.




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