In-House Pharmacy

Pet Meds, Prescription Diets, Vitamins & More

At Norwood Animal Hospital, we rely on a balanced approach to treating your pet’s illness or condition. We use the full range of medical solutions, from prescription medications to nutritional aids.

We maintain a complete inventory of medications at Norwood Animal Hospital, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals—We carry a large inventory of pharmaceuticals and partner with several pharmacies for compounded and specialty medications.
  • Vitamins—Not every illness, disease, or condition needs to be treated with prescription medications. Sometimes a nutritional or nutraceutical approach is equally beneficial and more appropriate for your pet.
  • Shampoos—Keeping your pet’s skin and coat clean improves your pet’s overall health. We carry the best shampoos for dogs and cats with allergies, skin conditions, parasites, and so on.
  • Preventatives—From flea and tick management to heartworm prevention, our inventory of medications will help you keep your pet bug-free.

Please contact us or stop by if you have any questions about the products we offer.

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