Eye Care

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Although your pet uses his or her nose more than any other sense, eyes are still crucial, fragile tools that affect your pet’s quality of life. That’s why we take eye care very seriously at Norwood Animal Hospital. It starts with diagnostics.

General Eye Care Diagnostics

  • Fluorescein staining—This is a test that uses an orange dye (fluorescein) and a blue light to detect whether there are foreign bodies in the eye. Damage to the cornea can also be detected using this diagnostic procedure.
  • Schirmer tear testing—The Schirmer Tear Test (STT) measures the rate of tear production in the eye. It is used in the evaluation of conjunctivitis to diagnose tear deficiency as a factor in ocular surface diseases.
  • Opthalmascopic examination—An ophthalmoscope is used to examine the inside of your pet’s eye. It can examine the retina, the back of the eye, the optic nerve, and the retinal veins and arteries.

From glaucoma and cataracts to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA or PRD) and Suddenly Acquired Retinal Degeneration (SARDS), we are able to manage most eye diseases and syndromes. We work closely with board-certified ophthalmologists on more difficult cases, including cataract surgery and corneal grafting.

If you suspect your pet may be having vision issues, or if his or her eyes have a noticeable growth, discoloration, wetness, or other abnormality, please give us a call to set up an exam today.

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