End-of-Life Care

Keeping your pet comfortable and calm.

At some point, we have to say goodbye to our beloved pets. When a pet’s life is nearing its end, the staff at Norwood Animal Hospital offers end-of-life care that focuses on compassion and quality of life.

This level of care is achieved in the following ways:

  • Pain-free hospice—We make sure that your pet has the right type and amount of pain medication. We strive to keep him or her comfortable.
  • Euthanasia services—Euthanasia is performed with quiet compassion and dignity, in a respectful and stress-free setting. We make the euthanasia of one’s pet a loving and soulful act, not a clinical procedure.
  • Aftercare services—We offer many options, including the option to keep the cremated remains of your beloved pet. We also have online memorials and a pet loss library to offer support as you mourn the loss of your loved one.

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