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Norwood Animal Hospital is well equipped to handle most pet emergencies during our normal business hours. We will promptly and professionally triage all of your emergencies, treating your pet as our own.

We are equipped to treat most emergencies. However, if our veterinarian feels that your pet needs more critical care, you may be referred to a 24-hour facility. Our doctors always keep your pet’s best interests in mind. We will do whatever is necessary to provide your pet with the level of care that he or she needs to get better.

24-Hour Emergency Care

Unfortunately, pet care emergencies don’t happen according to a schedule. That’s why we have a close relationship with Tufts VETS – Veterinary Emergency Treatment and Specialties. They are always available to help your pet outside of our business hours.

Their 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year facility is staffed by experienced veterinarians and a competent support staff. We remain in close communication with the veterinarians at Tufts when one of our patients is under their care.

Tufts VETS is located at 525 South Street, Walpole, Massachusetts 02081. They can be reached at (508) 668-5454.

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